Research groups

I have worked in three main research groups:

Currently, I work with the Samsung R&D group in Brazil, with focus in AI applied to healthcare.

List of publications

This is my list of publications. It’s organized in chronological time. You can also check my Google Scholar.

Learning multiplane images from single views with self-supervision

Improving Deep Learning Sound Events Classifiers Using Gram Matrix Feature-Wise Correlations

An attention-based mechanism to combine images and metadata in deep learning models applied to skin cancer classification

Improving Deep Learning Sound Events Classifiers using Gram Matrix Feature-wise Correlations

On Out-of-Distribution Detection Algorithms With Deep Neural Skin Cancer Classifiers

Learning dynamic weights for an ensemble of deep models applied to medical imaging classification

An App to Detect Melanoma Using Deep Learning: An Approach to Handle Imbalanced Data Based on Evolutionary Algorithms.

Skin lesion segmentation using deep learning for images acquired from smartphones

Skin cancer detection based on deep learning and entropy to detect outlier samples

Recent advances in deep learning applied to skin cancer detection

Aggregation of neural classifiers using Choquet integral with respect to a fuzzy measure

Ranking of Classification Algorithms in Terms of Mean–Standard Deviation Using A-TOPSIS

An approach to improve online sequential extreme learning machines using a restricted Boltzmann machine

Restricted Boltzmann machine to determine the input weights for extreme learning machines

Ranking of classification algorithms in terms of mean-standard deviation using A-TOPSIS

TODIM and TOPSIS with Z-numbers

Agregação de elenco de classificadores utilizando integral de Choquet com respeito a medida λ-fuzzy

Classificação de grandes bases de dados utilizando máquina de Boltzmann restrita discriminativa, 

A-TOPSIS – An approach Based on TOPSIS for Ranking Evolutionary Algorithms

Time Series Prediction using Restricted Boltzmann Machines and backpropagation

Interval-valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy TODIM

IF-TODIM: An intuitionistic fuzzy TODIM to multi-criteria decision making

IFG-TODIM: An intuitionstic fuzzy TODIM for group decision making

Talks and presentations