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What’s Compute Canada?

Compute Canada is the national advanced research computing (ARC) facility of Canada. It’s a not-for-profit corporation and a federation of 37 member universities and research institutions. In a brief, it’s a share computer infrastructure that serves more than 10,000 researchers including more than 3,000 faculty across the country. It provides access to powerful computers and GPUs using elastic compute cloud.

What’s the purpose of this tutorial?

Getting started in Compute Canada may be a little bit tiresome. There are too many pieces of information in the official guide and it may be tricky to learn how to use it in a fast way. So, the main goal of this tutorial is to teach you the basics of this environment. It doesn’t intend to replace the official guide (at all), you’ll still need to check it sometimes. However, it’s a summary that will quickly introduce you to the Compute Canada ecosystem. In summary, we just want to save your time. Instead of spending a lot of time trying to understand how it works, you can just read this tutorial and start to use the system.

Where can I find the tutorial?

You can download the turorial by clicking here. If you find any problem or have a question, feel free to email me. I’ll be glad to help you!