I am a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science at the Federal University of Espírito Santo (UFES – Vitória, ES, Brazil), supervised by Prof. Dr. Renato A. Krohling. Currently, I’m in Canada as a visiting graduate research student at Dalhousie University (Halifax, Nova Scotia) supervised by Prof. Dr. Thomas Trappenberg. My research focus is on machine learning and computer vision, especially for healthcare. Currently, I am leading a non-profit project here in Brazil that aims to diagnose skin cancer through images collected from smartphones and patient clinical data. In addition, I also have an interest in data analysis, natural computing and decision making.

Prior to my Ph.D., I got my M.Sc degree in Computer Science also at UFES. During this time, I worked with methodologies to combine an ensemble of classifiers. Also at UFES, I took my undergraduate degree in Computer Engineer (the undergraduate system in Brazil is different, we don’t have majors nor minors). During this time, I got involved in different projects, and the most exciting one was the university robotic team. My colleagues and I founded ERUS (the UFES robotic team) and we have won some robotic competition promoted by IEEE. You may see my awards and prizes here.

I’m also engaged with volunteer work. In 2012, I helped to found a preparatory course to assist low-income people to achieve good scores in Vestibular. In Brazil, to get a spot into the universities, we need to take an exam called vestibular. All universities spots are filled according to the vestibular score. I taught physics in this project (high school level) and some of my students were able to get a very good score on the exam. Sometimes, I see some of them in the university aisles and it’s very satisfying. Nowadays, I’m still working as a volunteer but for two different projects. The UFES skin cancer project provides treatment for those people who can’t afford a private health system. So, I provide IT and management support for them. In addition, I work as a data analyst for a project which provides medical support for pregnant teenagers in my state. This is a real problem in Brazil and I help them understand better their data in order to provide better support.


You can check my portfolio, in which I present some projects I developed throughout my life.

Computação inteligente

Computação inteligente is my amazing humble blog. I write in Brazilian-Portuguese about my topics of interest at an easily understandable level. My main goal with this blog is to help undergraduate students to understand the algorithms concepts. But why don’t write in English? Well, many people in Brazil don’t speak English or don’t feel comfortable with the language. So, I’d like to help them. In addition, there are very nice blogs doing the same thing in English. My blog is just an alternative source.

Topics of interest

My main topics of interest are: